Vernell McDaniel aims to keep seat as Compton City Clerk

Compton, CA – With 21 years of dedicated service Vernell McDaniel, the current City Clerk of Compton, is seeking to maintain her role and continue the momentum of positive change.

Appointed Jan. 17, 2023, with the support of Compton City Council, McDaniel has proven to be an instrumental force in steering the city towards progress. Serving as the Chief Deputy City Clerk for two decades before the appointment, her experience underscores a deep understanding of the Compton community’s needs.

“The residents of Compton deserve an efficient and ethical leader in the City Clerk’s office. With a proven track record of serving the Compton community, I humbly request the community’s vote to retain the position,” says McDaniel.

From resolutions to public records requests, McDaniel’s first year in office has been defined by efficiency, dedication, and a commitment to public service. During her first year, McDaniel spearheaded the attestation, execution, and signing of 199 resolutions and 23 ordinances, solidifying her role as an instrumental force in shaping the city’s legislative landscape.

Emphasizing a commitment to ethical governance, McDaniel upholds the highest standards, aligning with the Elections Code, California Government Code, Ralph M. Brown Act, City Charter, Compton Municipal Code, Political Reform Act, and Public Records Act.

This dedication ensures transparency and integrity in the operation of the City Clerk’s office.

“I come from a military family and I have three adult children, all whom attended Compton Unified Schools and were employed by the City of Compton prior to their military careers,” McDaniel shared.

McDaniel currently has a daughter in the U.S Army employed by the State of California and two sons both currently serving overseas. She has five grandchildren and her eldest granddaughter is currently serving in the Air force stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base in Rheinland-Pfaiz, Germany.

“I was able to purchase my first home in the City of Compton at age 19. I am forever grateful for that opportunity and will continue to give back to the community that I love,” said McDaniel.

Partnerships with The National Association for Equal Justice In America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Local 2325 American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) showcase McDaniel’s commitment to positive initiatives.

During her first year in office as city clerk she also oversaw the execution of 156 contracts, demonstrating her adeptness in managing critical agreements that contribute to the city’s development and prosperity.

Within the last year, McDaniel helped to process and complete 1,053 public records requests, with 73 currently pending, reflecting her dedication to open governance.

“During my time serving the City Clerk’s office, I’ve invested in professional growth by attending eight certified training sessions and a key conference hosted by the California Clerks Association,” she remarked. “My commitment to Compton goes beyond my role as City Clerk.”

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