Candidates announced for Compton election races

Compton could have a big shakeup among its City Council members. Two of the council spots are up for grabs in the spring 2024 election. That’s not all.

Also in the mix for election are the City Clerk and City Attorney. Residents had until Dec. 8 to file the proper paperwork to be eligible to participate in the upcoming election.

District 1 had the most filings of all four election races. Councilwoman Deidra Duhart, who was appointed to her council seat in 2022, will have to contend with multiple people for her job. There are a total of six candidates running for the District 1 position, including Duhart.

The other five individuals participating in the District 1 election race are Jasper Jay Jackson, Omar Bradley Jr., Janet Lopez, Fidel Marquez, and Tamola Donlow.

Duhart was appointed to the District 1 council position after Michelle Chambers resigned. Chambers has declared her candidacy for the U.S. Senate (District 35). In regards to the District 4 race, three other candidates have announced their intentions to run for the seat that Councilwoman Lillie P. Darden occupies.

There are a total of four people, including Darden, looking to lead District 4. Like Duhart, Darden was appointed to the council. Her opposition in the District 4 election race is Joel Estrada, Terrance Cumby, and Alysia Rivers. For City Clerk, Vernell McDaniel is looking to retain her position. She’ll be running up against Lynn Boone and Satra D. Zurita.

In the City Attorney’s race, Eric Perrodin is running unchallenged.

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