Compton revving up efforts for spring election

It’s that time again. For Compton residents, It’s time to start thinking about the electoral process that will take place in their backyard  The upcoming Primary Nominating Election in the City of Compton is scheduled for March 5, 2024.

“The upcoming Primary Nominating Election on March 5 is a crucial event that will decide key roles in our governance, shaping the City of Compton’s future,” said Compton City Clerk Vernell McDaniel. “I urge all residents to participate actively and stay engaged in this vital democratic process.”

This electoral process will determine key positions in our local governance, including City Council District 1 and District 4, as well as a special election for the crucial roles of City Attorney and City Clerk. While the City Attorney and City Clerk are elected at large by voters across the entire city, members of the City Council are elected by electors residing in specific districts.

Registered voters will cast their ballots solely for the district they call home, ensuring a direct representation of their voices in local governance.

Should a candidate fail to secure 51 percent of the votes for a particular office, a runoff election is slated for Nov. 5, 2024, involving the two candidates who received the highest number of votes in the Presidential Primary Election.

Additionally, the timeline for nomination papers is as follows: by Dec. 8, 2023, incumbent officers of the city must file their nomination papers. However, if such papers aren’t filed by then, voters will have until Dec. 13, 2023, to nominate candidates other than the incumbents for those elective offices.

As stated by the City Charter, the City Clerk has the responsibility of overseeing all city elections and plays a crucial role in processing nominations for the mayor, City Council, and all other elected positions governing our city, while also accepting campaign filings.

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