Planet Health Compton founder Roland Jackson mourned

During its closing comments during a Tuesday, Nov. 28 meeting, members of the Compton City Council paid homage to a thriving small business owner who was having an impact on the city. It was a somber tribute as several council members reflected on the loss of small business owner Roland Jackson. 

According to Shavonna Brooks, Jackson’s partner, the Planet Health Compton founder passed away after reportedly being involved in a fatal car accident.  

“I did want to close also in the memory of Roland Jackson which was one of my friends from back in the day,” District 1 Councilman Andre Spicer said. “Just want to send out love to Lynn Boone and the family. Although we don’t have the best relationship, I would never wish that on anyone.”

Planet Health Compton opened its doors in April of 2022. Brooks, in a conversation with The Bulletin newspaper, said she plans to keep the business open. 

In the wake of Jackson passing away from a reported fatal car accident recently, Brooks said she wants to keep the doors open to the vegan Hispanic and soul food cafe. News of Jackson’s passing gave way to council members talking about his contribution to the city. 

“His impact on our community was immeasurable and his legacy will forever resonate in our hearts,” District 1 Councilwoman Deidra Duhart said. “Before Mr. Jackson acquired 546 W. Compton Blvd. The area languished as a dumping ground and it served as a makeshift haven for the homeless, a blight on the very fabric of our community. However, Mr. Jackson’s vision and dedication, he transformed this neglected space into a symbol of hope.” 

Mayor Sharif also shared her thoughts about Jackson’s contributions. 

“I remember when he first came in and I remember when he first started there,” Sharif said. “That place was really…it was really bad.”    

Jackson once told the VegOut website about his vision and what made him start his business in the first place.  

“Planet Health Compton is born from experiences in my youth. When I was younger, there weren’t any safe places where I could study or be inspired to focus on my community, my diet, or my mindset. Planet Health Compton allows people of all ages to coexist and network with each other while being able to enjoy a healthy meal,” said Jackson.  

At the restaurant’s grand opening in April 2022, attendees included Mayor Sharif, District 4 Councilwoman Lillie P. Darden and former NBA great John Salley. Jackson, on the company’s website, talked about addressing and trying to fill a void in Compton.   

“It all came about from a car accident that I had four years ago. The accident put me in a debilitating state – I was no longer able to do the things I was accustomed to doing, such as hiking, swimming, and regular day-to-day activities,” Jackson said. 

“As a result of the injuries that I sustained, the changes in my lifestyle all led me to explore a vegan diet. After I became vegan, I realized that I was living in a food desert. I also realized that there was a deficit in clothing brands that represent me and other vegans minorities such as myself. Due to these deficits, I made it my mission to bring healthy, vegan options to Compton and other inner-city communities,” he added. 

Full details of the accident that Jackson was involved in are pending.  


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