Councilman Andre Spicer collaborate with CHIRP for housing and resource fair

(The Bulletin) – On Oct. 4, Compton City Councilman Andre Spicer (District 2), with some help, helped put on the CHIRP Los Angeles Housing Resource Fair at the Dollarhide Community Center. Vendors from all over Los Angeles County and beyond came out to either show support for the event or participate. 

Spicer was enthusiastic about the turnout. 

“This is an amazing turnout,” Spicer said. “I had no idea that the turnout would be this big. This is like the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, and you really don’t expect a huge turnout, but it exceeded my expectations, to be frank. I’m excited about the turnout.” 

In his opinion, this type of event, which featured plenty of housing information and a whole plethora of other resources, was long overdue, Spicer said. 

“For far too long, in my opinion, our local government hasn’t taken care of the residents’ concerns, the residents’ issues,” Spicer said. “I think for a long time, we’ve catered to what we know…people aren’t going to vote, which are going to be our seniors. In that case, I respect that, but also, we also have other residents that we aren’t engaged with that are in need of certain resources. I just want to be able to meet them with those resources wherever they’re at. So whether it be housing, whether it be jobs, whether it be, you know…anything. We’ve got expungement here. We’re doing HIV tests, food. There are so many resources here. Again, it’s meeting our residents where they’re at.” 

Shelby Brown was out representing Charles R. Drew University Research Centers. The university sits in the Watts/Willowbrook area and borders Compton. Brown said the research center was offering free HIV tests to residents and other resources. 

“We have like free HIV testing. We also have a social network program,” Brown said. 


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