Compton celebrates Mexican Independence Day

COMPTON, CA – Maria Villareal said it’s important for the youths to know their culture. Villareal, the president and CEO of the Compton Latino Chamber of Commerce, made this statement as it relates to the celebration the city put on Sept. 16 in honor of Mexican Independence Day.

“It means a lot,” Villareal said. “We have to consistently celebrate the freedom of our independence. To me, as a Latina, it means a lot. We have to consistently to remember our culture.”

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Villareal and the Compton Latino Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the city, put on a festive event at Gonzales Park with food vendors, live music, dance performances, and artwork.

All the way through Oct. 15, the City of Compton will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, honoring the contributions and rich history of the Hispanic/Latino community.

With nearly 70 percent of Compton residents hailing from Hispanic or Latino backgrounds as of 2020, this vibrant and culturally immersive celebration not only kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month but also shines a spotlight on the colorful Mexican heritage within the diverse community.

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“Saturday’s Mexican Independence Day Celebration was a beautiful testament to the diverse tapestry of cultures that enrich our beloved Compton community,” Compton Mayor Emma Sharif said. “This event exemplified the power of cultural appreciation and the strength of our community bonds.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Compton Latino Chamber of Commerce, our dedicated volunteers and staff, and all those who worked tirelessly to bring this event to life. I am deeply proud to have been part of this celebration, and I am eager to continue cherishing the cultural mosaic that makes Compton so special.”

Photo courtesy of Ms. Shon of D’Angelo’s Photos_425

One point that Villareal pointed out was that in the festival or the celebration of Mexican Independence Day she would like to see more diversity in the crowd. The translation is that Villareal would like to see more people outside of Hispanic or Latino heritage attend the daylong celebration.

“It’s essential for the community to come together,” she remarked. “I hope we can see more African Americans at the events. It’s important to share our cultures. Coming together is not easy.”

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