Fall means Halloween treats at Disneyland

ANAHEIM – It’s fall. That means that Halloween Time is right around the corner. For Disneyland, it’s the time of year to bring out different foodies and various fall activities at the Southern California theme park.

The Disneyland Resort Fall Favorites Media Experience was held on Sept. 6 to showcase its rundown on the food menu that will be showcased throughout the park from now until Oct. 31.

But before we dive into all of the essentials for the fall favorites, Disneyland had a special day on Sept. 7. And that was the opening of Tiana’s Palace. But before the public was able to launch into the southern-flavored restaurant located in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, and sandwiched between the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, members of the media got a firsthand introduction to what’s on the menu.

There are plenty of munchies to choose from. Among the items listed on the menu are the House Gumbo, Beef Po’ Boy Sandwich, Cajun Spiced Half Chicken, and the Gulf Shrimp and Grits. Ok. For what it’s worth, this writer decided to sample the Gulf Shrimp and Grits, a meal that included the restaurant’s Buttermilk Cornbread and House-filled Beignet.

A look of people don’t get it right when it comes to making shrimp and grits. Disneyland and the chefs at Tiana’s Palace seem to have gotten it right with this item. The one sure thing you’ll remember about this delicious dish is the flavor.

Photo by Dennis J. Freeman

Both the grits and the shrimp have the right amount of flavor to make the Gulf Shrimp and Grits the right item to be placed at Tiana’s Palace. If you’re a fan of southern cuisine, you’re going to love Tiana’s Palace’s offering of Gulf Shrimp and Grits.

The Buttermilk Cornbread, which is a side item, can be eaten by itself. It’s tasty and filling as well. And to wash it all down, I’d recommend ordering the Joffrey Coffee Chicory Cold Brew, a coffee that has the taste and flavor of a dripping wet frappuccino.

Tiana’s Palace is not the only place to get great food. When it comes to sweets and desserts, Disneyland has those items sprinkled throughout the theme park. With a full menu presentation to the media at Starcade, located in Tomorrowland, new offerings as well as old-time favorites were on display. Whatever you select you’re bound to have something delicious in your belly.

Let’s start with the Poison Apple Fries. This dish has a bit of salt and sugar component to it. It’s french fries dusted with cinnamon sugar with whipped cream and topped with green apple glaze, making folks go yummy.

Patrons of Disneyland can also pick up the Pumpkin Churro Funnel cake. This has sweetness written all over it. The Halloween Time offering includes Pumpkin ice cream at the top of a churro that is made of cinnamon sugar and caramel sauce. Halloween fans will be delighted with the Skull Apple.

The ghoulie appearance on the candy apples makes this treat worth getting. Candy apples being reworked seems like a theme running at Disneyland. Another eatery choice revolving around the candy apple theme is Minnie Bat Caramel Apple.

Photo by Dennis J. Freeman

If you like fudge and/or chocolate, this is your item to try out. Wrapping up the got-to-have menu is the Rest in Chocolate Sundae. So what this is Rocky Road ice cream soaked in a waffle cone with chocolate cookie crumbles, and gummy worms.

On the other side of the menu, you have Chile Verde Chicken Flautas, Carnitas Burrito, Chorizo Quesadilla, and Tacos Estilo Callejero to fill your stomachs and force you to take those extra steps as you roam through Disneyland.

Food is not the only thing that Disneyland is celebrating this fall. The theme park has a special celebration of Coco at Plaza de la Familia going on through Nov. 2. Located at Paradise Gardens inside of Disney California Adventure Park, customers can enjoy “A Musical Celebration of Coco,” take a photo with Miguel, the star of “Coco,” and post memories of loved ones on the Mexican Arbol de la Vida (Tree of Life).

There’s always a lot going on at Disneyland. Eating good food, meeting and greeting your favorite character, and enjoying fantastic entertainment are what make Disneyland special. You’ll have plenty of choices this fall to choose from.

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