Construction on Compton High briskly moving along

The construction on the erection of the new Compton High School is moving along at a great pace. The $200 million campus is beginning to shape up as a modern day facility. 

Drive by the corner of Alondra Boulevard and S. Acacia Avenue in Compton, and you’ll see the construction site for the new Compton High School, scheduled to open in 2025. 

With nearly 150 people working on site daily, you’ll see new features being built every day. The school buildings are rising quickly, forming what will be the latest and most-advanced high school in the state of California.

Some of the current construction elements completed over the last several weeks include the structural steel added on the main academic building. In addition, crews poured concrete decks on the main parts of the second floor, the roof, and for the slab on the ground. 

Ongoing structural steel framing is being performed on the new gymnasium building, while preliminary site work is performed for the pool and performing arts center.

Paving of the parking lot on Acacia has started, with gutters and curbs going in. That lot is needed as the construction crews will swell to almost 300 people working onsite daily by next spring. 

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