3 Compton High Schools Join NAF’s Academy Network

Three Compton high schools – Centennial, Compton, and Dominguez – have joined NAF’s national network of emerging academies for the 2023-24 school year. As NAF Academies of Engineering, students at these schools take career-themed courses and participate in work-based learning experiences to help them become college, career, and future ready. The schools were recently introduced at the NAF Next 2023 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Centennial, Compton, and Dominguez join 32 other schools nationwide as new NAF academies and are three of just four new NAF academies within the state of California. In 2022, NAF academies reported 99% of seniors graduated, with 88% of graduates planning to go to college.

The Compton high schools are participating in NAF’s rigorous Year of Planning (YOP) program. NAF works to ensure all stakeholders develop a lasting relationship with academies and are well-trained and confident in implementing the NAF design. The process establishes a sustainable foundation for a high-quality academy, creating a shared vision and mission to fulfill the school and community goals.

Compton High School Principal Larry Natividad (right).

High schools enrolled in NAF’s emerging academy programs gain access to a guided assessment process that informs and directs the work of advance program planning and development, technical assistance from NAF, professional development, a full suite of resources, and NAF-developed, industry-validated curriculum.

“Congratulations to the newest members of the NAF family!” said NAF Chief Executive Officer Lisa Dughi. “We commend you on your hard work, commitment, and passion for helping students to become future ready and putting them on a path to achieving their full potential. We look forward to supporting your journeys and sharing in the exciting impact and successes of your students to come!”

NAF is a national education non-profit that brings schools and businesses together to better prepare students of all backgrounds. Since 1980, NAF has led a movement for immersive, career-focused teaching and work-based learning. With the support of NAF community-based advisory boards, schools connect with the workforce to fuel shared progress—from creating culturally responsive curriculum and paid internship opportunities, to fostering innovation and building future-ready businesses.

NAF helps students explore career options, create a plan for the future, and take part in hands-on, work-based learning unlike anything traditional public education systems can offer. NAF puts students on a path to achieving their full potential. During the 2022-23 school year, more than 112,000 students attended over 600 NAF academies across 35 states and territories. www.naf.org

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