Kipp Compton Community School equips students with community garden

COMPTON (Compton Bulletin) – Pulling up to the lower school of Kipp Compton Community School on July 15, the obvious was that it was hot. Really hot. Across the street from the lower school which is located at 1650 W. 134th Street, the distinct sound of shovels hitting hit was vibrant and clear.

The rain of sweat-drenched everyone out there trying to make something special happen. What was happening was officials, volunteers and students alike standing side-by-side trying their best to make a community garden come to life.

“Today, we are building a community garden,” said Eryn Harris, who serves as a dean at KIPP Compton Community School. ”The goal for the garden is really to teach kids about different food items that we can eat, and also getting the kids really involved in growing their own food and seeing things like starting from the ground and being able to see it flourish. I want them to be able to take it back and talk about it in science class, also in health.”

Some of the items that faculty, staff, students, and community volunteers helped planted in the garden included Butternut squash, watermelon, sage, rosemary, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers, and jalapenos. The purpose in creating this community garden is for students to have healthier eating choices, Harris went on to say.

“I just really want to get them involved more so in eating healthier to be honest,” quipped Harris. “A lot of our kids…we eat a lot of snacks and junk food. I just wanted to give them like vegetables that are healthy for our students. I want to really to be able to like you can see that you can grow it and do it on your own. Another part of it is teaching them about ownership and taking pride in what they do.”

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