Compton City Council passes fiscal year budget

(Compton Bulletin) – The Compton City Council passed its 2023-24 fiscal year budget in a special meeting on June 28. The budget the council accounts for slightly over $251 million. The actual number $251, 903, 275.

“On June 28th, the Compton City Council voted to adopt the City’s budget for the upcoming 2023-2024 fiscal year. This adoption comes after numerous budget meetings and workshops where we ensured that the voices of our residents were heard, enabling us to shape a budget that addresses the community. We look forward to working together this next fiscal year to ensure that every dollar is used to advance our City” Compton Mayor Emma Sharif said in a released statement. 

The cost of expenditures for the city was tallied up to more than $235 million. The real number is $235, 331,623. The city’s general fund, which includes the Measure P sales tax (1%), comes up to over $65 million ($65,651,118).

Measure P takes up slightly more than $16 million ($16,353,255) of the city’s general fund (street repairs, law enforcement, and fire protection).

The departments in the city that has the biggest slices of its operating budget belong in several categories. Leading the way is the engineering department, which was approved for a budget of more than $50 million ($50,609,624).

Driving this monetary allotment for the engineering department is the MTA Sales Tax Bond, which accounts for $21 million ($21,994,184).

The city has made room to pay the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department nearly $ 27 million ($26, 909,214) for the 2023-24 fiscal year. That’s a nearly an increase of almost four million dollars from the city’s 2021-22 budget.

The other big chunk carved out of the city’s budget has been set aside for community development ($33,624,393). The nearly $24 million directed by the city to community development represents an increase of close to five million dollars from the 2021-22 fiscal year, which was a little more than $18 million.

The city approved giving the fire department a budget of $16 million to operate.

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